Branch Tree Service, Inc. continues its growth as customers value who we are and what we do. Our customers truly appreciate our team of arborists. With such high demand we need to grow our team. No hidden agendas, misleading information, false pay levels or broken promises from us.  We like to tell it straight and stand behind everything we say. We are looking for good people to work for and with us.


We are looking for people who enjoy working outdoors on residential and commercial landscapes. People who appreciate a healthy tree, nicely trimmed shrubs, health and safety tree pruning, working on a landscape renovation project, or performing health treatments to save a sick tree.


We use all sorts of trucks, tools, equipment and methods for treating trees and shrubs. The great news is that there is no previous experience required.  We enjoy helping people learn the skillset of an arborist.  We truly help keep our world healthy and green even when starting at our entry level positions. 


Want to work full time or less? not an issue as we have full time openings as well as positions  for those who wish to work 24 hours a week or less.


Don’t want to miss out on your weekends or evening events?  Great as we don’t want to either.  We strive to work as much as possible between of the hours of 7:00 AM and 3:30-4:00PM Monday through Fridays. We do ask for volunteers at times to work over time or on a Saturday but we don’t require it.


What we need from you:  Honesty, a committed effort, willingness to learn, sober minded while working and safe driving at all times.  You do need a valid drivers license and a clean driving record so our insurance company will approve for you to work with us.


Want to know more?  Simply fill out the form below and someone will get back with you within 2 days or less for further discussion.

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