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Does My Tree Need Surgery?

Arborist Tree Surgery

Surgery - the branch (pun intended) of medical practice that treats injuries, diseases and deformities by the physical removal, repair or readjustment of organs and tissues, often cutting into the body.

Tree Surgery - the practice of taking care of trees which treats injuries, diseases, and deformities by way of physical removal, adjustments, separations or cutting treatments making sure they are healthy and safe.

Certainly this article is not to suggest that tree surgery rises to the level of human surgery. However, the definitions of both show a clear parallel of the mission and goals whether they be for the body or for a tree and gives a clear understanding of what and why your tree might just need surgery at some time in its life.

What might a tree require surgery for? Here are the most common reasons:

Bark Tracing Surgery:

Wounds that will not heal due to decay, mechanical injury, insect damage, and or open infection often times need surgery to remove dead tissue cells, promote compartmentalism, encourage outer bark growth and reduce further decay, disease and even sun scale.

Girdling Root Surgery:

For various reasons (discussed in other tree tip articles) trees, (both deciduous and evergreen and of any age or size) battle with deformities called “girdling roots”. If left undetected or un-removed these girdling roots will wrap themselves around vital root arteries cutting off life giving water and food sources. The longer root surgery is delayed the greater the threat of the tree failing and declining until total death.

Limb (Branch) Surgery:

Think of a broken arm, a separated shoulder, a fractured ankle; without care these breaks will lead to serious life impacting changes. This same standard is true for trees when they have broken or decayed limbs still attached to the trees main body. Broken limbs lead to decay. Decay leads to insect and disease infections. Insect and disease invasions leads to declining trees which are unsafe for people and to traffic around.

Surface Root Surgery:

See all those roots growing at or just above the grade destroying the beauty of your lawn or creating a trip hazard? Surface roots are unsightly and many tree owners desire to remove them but are not sure if it can be done without killing the tree in question. In many cases those unwelcome roots can be removed without ever disturbing the tree's health and certainly enhancing the safety and beauty of the lawn or landscape.

Other sorts of Tree surgery are used to combat disease and or insect infestations or to treat for malnutrition. When your trees are looking ill, wilting, discolored or simply unhealthy, it could be that your tree needs to be scheduled for tree surgery. Branch Tree Service has been performing tree surgery for over 40 years now. Our expertise in tree care sets us apart from your everyday tree cutter, we’re your local tree doctors better known as arborists.

If your tree appears to be "under the weather" be sure to call your local professional arborist as soon as possible. And for those in our area we welcome you to call for an appointment with one of our expert “Tree Doctors”.


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