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Planting Trees the Arborist Way

When looking to plant a new tree there are a number of things to consider before digging the hole. Take a look at the list below before you get started.

  • What type of tree do I want to plant?

  • Will this tree be right for my soil and for where I want to plant it?

  • Is this tree going to do well in my region (part of the country where you live)?

  • How big of a tree should I buy and how big will it get at maturity?

  • Is this tree going to be planted in clay, loam, sand, dry or wet soil?

  • Where should I buy my tree from?

  • Can I plant this tree myself our do I need service from a professional?

There are certainly other factors to consider when the goal is to plant and grow the right tree that meets your desires. You also need to consider factors such as wind, shade, and sun exposure too.

If you’re a passionate tree lover, you’ll want to purchase the right tree for the right location. Nothing is more disappointing than going to the local garden center or one of the big box stores that sells trees, doing all the preparation and back aching work just to see your wonderful tree fade away year after year until it is completely dead. This scenario happens more often than not.

Before investing your time and money on the next tree planting project yourself, you may want to consult with an arborist near you. Arborists specialize in knowing what trees are right to meet your goals, can help you select the right tree for the right location and also know what trees will do well for a life time and not just for the next few years.

Branch Tree Service, Inc. has over 38 years of experience helping people to choose the right tree, plant it and care for it. We believe trees are an important part of our eco-system and strive to ensure the trees we plant will live for generations to come. We invite you to contact us for your next tree planting project. Remember, trees are or future!


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