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Proactive Tree and Shrub Care Makes Sense $$!

As winter turns to spring and blossoms turn to leaves, so do insects and diseases go from dormant to damaging. We all keep hearing about the "Green Initiative" right? To Branch Tree Service this is more than a tag-line but rather has been and continues to be a part of our company culture, mission and practice. The more we care for our existing trees and shrubs the healthier we all will be.

Perhaps you don't know just how much your trees and shrubs are worth? Your landscape is probably worth much more than you realize. As an example: a nice, healthy, new boxwood shrub costs in the range of $80-$120. The wonderful arborvitae shrub that's used so abundantly within the landscape with a height of approximately 8ft (quality B&B Stock) cost in the range of $300-$420. Keep in mind this is the actual cost of one individual shrub. Now think about your time (or a landscaper charging for their time and travel), your gas, your hauling, unloading, digging, planting, and soil amending material. You could spend hundreds of dollars on each shrub you plant.

Now think about the Branch Tree Service holistic approach to protecting your surroundings. When you combine our early season managed disease and managed insect care, just the right amount of fertilizer and soil treatments and a healthy pruning at the right time, you can keep your trees and shrubs healthy, beautiful and safe.

So how much to treat a boxwood shrub for leaf miner for? Would you believe for as little as $3 (not including service call)? It simply makes sense ($) to care for the trees and shrubs you have.

Call us today to schedule your personalized visit and evaluation with one of our certified arborists. We will help you save money, keep your trees and shrubs healthy, beautiful and safe, making you really be a part of the "Green Initiative".


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