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Stinkbugs Really Stink

Stinkbugs are not native to the USA. They arrived by way of shipping containers and were found in Allentown, Pennsylvania in 1998. The bug originates from somewhere in Asia such as Korea, China, or Japan. This pest is a particular threat to the agricultural industry as it preys on fruits, vegetables, and crops.

Stinkbugs are not hazardous to people but their menacing look can be deceiving. They are not known to bite, nor have they shown any potential for disease spread. Their offensive odor protects them from birds, spiders, and other prey. Stinkbugs produce an extra strong odor when they are killed or smashed, thus the name Stinkbug.

While mainly an outdoor bug, Stinkbugs do look for warmth anywhere they can find it including the indoors of homes, work places and more. It is better to control this bug from the outside whenever possible.

Outdoor Stinkbug control can be obtained by spraying the lawn, under shrubs, and around the perimeter of the house or building with an approved pesticide. Stinkbug infestations always begin outdoors, especially in gardens and under shrubs. Stinkbugs are active throughout most of the year as they overwinter inside warm homes and buildings and begin feeding outside once the temperature is 40 degrees or higher.

If you're dealing with Stinkbugs invading your home or office we suggest you contact your local arborist for inspection and recommendations on how best to combat this pest from the outside so you don't have to apply pesticide products on the inside or keep the vacuum out.

For further help with your Stinkbug invasion call the pest control experts at Branch Tree Service, Inc. Call 586-756-7738 or submit a request at


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