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What is Dormant Pruning?

Dormant means the tree or shrub is not actively growing nor is it demanding nutrients, we call this the “dormant cycle.” 

Should I Prune My Trees When They're Dormant?

If you really want to offer your trees, evergreen or deciduous, the best in care with the greatest reward for you then yes, dormant pruning affords the greatest benefit for you and your trees. Sure, some people think that their trees should have leaves still attached when pruning when actually this is not true.

Here's Why Dormant Pruning is the Right Choice:

  1. Creates greater access to the work area with less property intrusion.

  2. Provides greater visible sighting of deadwood, diseased or fractured  and crossed limbs for the arborist to see while in the ground and in the tree.

  3. Results in minimal sap loss, ultimately reducing the over all stress on the tree.

  4. Greatly reduces the potential of disease, infections or harmful insect infestations.

  5. Promotes healthy, vigorous limb growth while reducing the growth of non-healthy water sprouts.

  6. Allows for any required size reduction with minimal health concerns and provides for a lush burst of healthier leafs during spring time development.

To know more about dormant tree pruning or to schedule a consultation? Contact the professional arborists at Branch Tree Service, Inc.

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