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Why Are Trees So Important?

As the biggest plants on our planet, trees store carbon, give us oxygen and enrich our soils. Trees also provide homes and food for our much desired wildlife.

Trees Benefit Our Health 

Tree canopies of foliage act as physical filters trapping dust and absorbing pollutants. Each tree removes up to 1.7 kilos of airborne pollutants every year. Trees also provide shade from solar radiation and help reduce noise.  There are over 100 species of trees and shrubs known to have medical properties. For example, the oil extracted from the bark of birch trees has antiseptic properties. Also, research shows going from a busy office setting to a yard with an abundance of trees and shrubs slows your stress level and drops your blood pressure.

Trees Benefit Our Ego System

Trees absorb carbon dioxide as they grow and thus helps reduce concerns of globe warming. They reduce wind speeds and cool the air.  Trees can reduce air temperature by up to 15 degrees. Trees help prevent soil erosion and absorb unlimited amounts of stormwater.

Trees Encourage Wildlife

Trees host complex microhabitats .  They offer food sources and shelter for many types of birds as well as other types of needed wildlife. One oak tree can be home to many species of birds.

Trees Are Good For The Community

Trees strengthen the distinctive character of any community. Trees located in local parks also provide excellent places to gather for event as well as where children can play and discover more about the importance of trees for the next generation.

Trees Are Vital To our Future

For clean air, to reduce noise, to provide habitat for our wildlife we should also seek to care for our trees. We all should be tree huggers since our future depends on them.


Need help preserving and caring for your trees? Call the people who work every day to better our earth.  Call the professionals here at Branch Tree Service, Inc. 586-756-7737.


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