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Landscaping Services


With Local Expertise

At Branch Tree & Landscape Service, we specialize in enhancing your outdoor spaces through impactful changes. Whether it's introducing new species of interest, replacing shrubs, planting trees, adding top soil, or mulching beds, our team brings expertise and care to every project. Enjoy the beauty of landscapes uniquely designed by our team, perfectly tailored to your vision.


Our services are perfect for those looking to refresh their landscape. From the initial concept to the final touches, our mission is to create a vibrant, healthy outdoor environment filled with thriving plants for your lasting enjoyment. Each addition is carefully chosen to enhance your existing space. Our expertise in selecting the right plants, including locally grown and native varieties, not only adds beauty to your garden but also contributes positively to the local ecosystem. By focusing on the longevity and health of the plants, we're not just beautifying your space; we're also fostering a healthier world.


At Branch Tree & Landscape Service, our deep-rooted passion for arboriculture inspires us to carefully choose trees, shrubs, and plants that are the perfect fit for each individual landscape. Our approach is designed to significantly reduce the risks from pests and diseases, fostering a landscape that is not only resilient but flourishes beautifully. We take into account key factors such as sunlight exposure, soil type, drainage, and your unique style preferences to ensure each plant is ideally situated. Our projects are meticulously tailored to your vision, achieving a harmonious blend of aesthetic appeal and environmental care.

Beyond choosing the best plants, we also understand the importance of regular inspections to safeguard against potential illnesses or harmful pests. Our dedicated team is here to provide ongoing care and assistance, ensuring your landscape remains healthy and vibrant for years to come.


What our customers are saying...

"They did a great job of trimming my trees and excellent clean up. Everything looks beautiful and healthy. Thank you!"

Joanne, Royal Oak, MI

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