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These squirrels are driving me nuts, how can I keep them away?

As funny and fury as they may be, the fact is, squirrels are rodents and can and do both property damage and inflict health hazards for humans.

Squirrels can be found living just about anyway, in any city, state, or country on the planet. There are over 100 species of squirrels.

Their primary foods include, but are not limited to walnuts, acorns, various other tree nuts, berries, fruits, veggies, birdseed, sunflower seeds, and mushrooms.

Keeping squirrels away from your garden and your home is vital to the upkeep and quality of your property and your health and well-being.

Squirrels are dangerous to trees. We may not see them doing much harm, but squirrels naw holes in limbs leading to rot and decay in the tree. They gnaw on the bark of trees interrupting vascular flow (tree food and water) and kill young trees and plants. Squirrels also eat fruits and buds robbing trees of enhanced photosynthesis.

Of course we all know the hazards squirrels cause when they leap from tree branches onto the house roof and eventually find their way into the attic.  Now the fun having these fury little rodents around really begins! Squirrels also love to gnaw on electrical wires and destroy insulation in the attics.

Squirrels are also known to carry typhus and ringworm, and spread them to humans.

What Can You Do?

  • Make sure your trees and tree branches (including large evergreens and shrubs) are as far away from the house as needed to avoid squirrels climbing on the house, or worse, get into it.

  • Avoid putting out bird seed near the house or landscape.

  • Have professional, all-natural squirrel repellent applied (schedule as desired or as needed).

  • Install Ultrasonic systems.

  • Have a pet? Dogs usually scare the squirrels away.

  • Set up motion sprinklers.

  • Mulch around your trees and in your landscape beds (squirrels don’t like the feel or smell of landscape mulch.

  • Additional suggestions: Apply moth balls in landscape beds, set up traps, use your personal scent (hair cuttings), apply squirrel spray (organic), use essential oils, and apply predator Urine.

When squirrels are out of control in your landscape and you need help then call to schedule an appointment with people who work around squirrels everyday. Call Branch Tree Service today!


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