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Beautify and Invigorate with Our Deep Root Fertilizing Treatment

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Silver Leaf Target Program (30 gallons)$99
Green Leaf Root Enrichment Program (40 gallons)$149
Gold Leaf Premium Treatment Program (50 gallons)$169
Premium 3 Visit Treatment Program$329
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How Our Service Works

Enhance your landscape with essential nutrients for your trees and shrubs. Whether it's a single tree or your entire yard, Branch Tree Service provides root fertilizing treatments that deliver outstanding value and results.

Choose your preferred package, provide the required information, and we'll take care of the rest.

Our Fertilization Packages

Not sure which program works best for you or need additional help? Simply email or call Branch Tree Service to schedule a free consultation with one of our Go Green Arborists!

Silver Leaf Target Program $99

This treatment delivers 30 gallons of balanced nutrients to the most visibly stressed ornamental trees and shrubs in your landscape.

Green Leaf Root Enrichment Program $149

This treatment provides a mix blend of 50 gallons of professional grade macro and micro nutrients helping to improve vigor for your acid loving trees and shrubs.

Gold Leaf Premium Treatment Program $169

This treatment provides 60 gallons of our premium blend, slow release tree and shrub fertilizer. Our premium package is our best value for those who have a multitude of trees and shrubs they want to have treated and protect.

Premium 3 Visit Treatment Program $329

Our premium all-season tree and shrub healthy root program includes three service visits throughout the year. Each visit provides timely nutrient treatments tailored to the specific needs of your plants, along with comprehensive visual inspections to monitor for insects, diseases, and overall landscape health. This includes checking soil quality and the necessary pruning of trees and shrubs. We also use selective formulations injected during each visit to ensure year-round health and aesthetic beauty of your landscape.

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