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A Guide to Outdoor Weddings and Trees

You've said "YES" and now the excitement begins as you plan for your wedding day. So much to consider; planning this, ordering that, who to invite and more. And with the beauty and allure of outdoor weddings there are other questions to consider. Like "what if it rains?" or "what do we need to do for the landscape?", It can make the task of getting to your big day seem endless.

A successful outdoor wedding usually involves a landscape setting which compliments the event with lush and healthy looking trees, shrubs, flowers, and lawns. To wow your guest, create those perfect photogenic members and to make sure your guest is safe from potential hazards, it's vital that your landscape gets all the attention it needs prior to your wedding day. 

Here's a check list for you when reviewing the needs of your tree and shrubs prior to your big moment:

  • Take a look at your trees and shrubs. Are they robust with color? If not, they may need a treatment of root fertilizing.  If so, schedule a professional arborist to come out in advance (months if possible) ensuring your landscape has that rich, lush and healthy color for everyone to enjoy.

  • Be prepared to tackle unwanted pests such as beetles, aphids, bugs, ticks, and not to be forgotten, mosquito's. Imagine after investing so much in your wedding just to be invaded with unwelcome mosquitos or other pests. Treatments to keep these nuisance away should be planned and performed in advance.

  • Make sure your surroundings are safe. Are there trees hovering above where you and your guests will be spending the day or evening? If so, it is important that your trees are inspected by a certified arborist for potential tree related hazards. And if lighting is important, perhaps your trees need thinning and pruning to allow more sunlight in thus helping to make those pictures even more memorable.  Whether it's pruning out hazardous dead limbs or thinning and grooming to enhance the wow of your event, you should consult with a professional weeks if not months in advance.

Need help making your outdoor wedding a complete smash?  Contact the people who know about the outdoors. Call Branch Tree Service at 586.756.7737 or request a quote. The pictures shown in this article are of actual weddings we have been privileged to help with. We service trees and shrubs 12 months a year so feel free to call and schedule needed service for your next big event!


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