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Going Green is Not a New Idea for an Arborist

Are you familiar with the word "ecology?" Ecology is the study of relationships between living organisms, including plants and humans. Ecology study has many specialty areas to complete research in. Landscape ecology deals with the exchange of energy, and the role of human behavior influencing landscape structures and functions.

Ecology helps us understand how our actions affect the environment!

Professional arborists spend their entire careers researching, learning and applying services and treatments which help improve an eco-friendly and harmonious lifestyle for everyone. The profession of Arboriculture is about as “green” as it gets.

As we travel in life on this new model set as a challenge for our country and our world called the Green Initiative one could argue “going green” starts in our own backyards, parks and surroundings. If you really want to wear the badge of honor that says “Going Green” on it then here are some ecological practices to help us all be better stewards.

Lawn Care

Reduce the amount of weed killing herbicides applied to the lawn. Certainly, for the sake of healthy living we can tolerate a few natural weeds in the lawn from time to time. Look at labels or ask you lawn care company about the products which are applied to your lawn. Minimize the use of synthetic formulas where herbicides and fertilizers are combined and applied throughout the year.

Mosquito Treatments

Let's face it, having the backyard party hampered by mosquitos is something we’d all like to avoid. However, due to some great marketing we’ve now come to believe we need to hire a professional mosquito control company to come out once a month or more or else these pests will devastate our lives. Not so fast! There are many good and safe options as how best to control mosquitos without blasting pesticides everywhere. Contacting your local arborist is the best call to make when your goal is to keep pests such as mosquitos under managed control while still keeping your surroundings eco-friendly.

Harmful and Damaging Insect Control

First of all, be aware that for every bad bug killing your landscape there are 10 good ones working to help keep your landscape in balance with our environment. Second, spraying all your bushes and trees with these over the counter “kill all” bug sprays doesn’t really meet the mission of keeping the landscape and our surroundings healthy. If you really want to be a part of the next generation's “green initiative” call a Professional Arborist for help managing the bugs you don’t need while helping the good ones you do want.

Going Green in the landscape is more than a slogan or words to brag about. It involves research, training and application by people who love the great outdoors, want to preserve our quality of living for now and for many generations to come.

Looking to be part of the solution and want a “go to” team to call upon? Call the Professionals, call Branch Tree Service today!


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