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Invasive Mountain Pine Beetle Alert

Photo credit: Invasive Species Centre of Canada

Michigan's invasive species watchlist has been updated to include a devastating insect threat called Mountain Pine Beetle. This insect is a deadly threat to pine trees and is characterized as the most aggressive and destructive beetle to pine trees.

Because it attacks most species of pine, the beetle could have widespread effects in the State of Michigan. Mountain Pine Beetle is currently and aggressively spreading across the western U.S. and Canada and is projected to either already be in Michigan or soon to be.

Hot dry summers and mild winters have led to the beetle's unprecedented population growth and expansion, moving it ever closer into our Michigan landscapes and forest.

If Mountain Pine Beetle invades Michigan it will cause severe loss which will include the timber industry, landscapes, the nursery growers and even tourism.

Everyone can HELP!

Photo credit: Mark McGregor, USDA Forest Service,

The public is encouraged to look at

their pine trees and report potential infestations to your local arborist, MSU Extension or MDARD. The most obvious signs are pop-corn like lumps called pitch tubes on pine tree trunks. Pitch tubes can be brown, pink, or white as the tree attempts to push out an entering beetle. Fine sawdust can also be seen in bark crevices around the base of an infected tree.

Concerned about this insect or other deadly pest invading your pine trees? Call the professionals at Branch Tree Service for further help with any and all of your tree and shrub care needs.


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