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  • George R. Lee

Looking for a Tree Doctor?

When you have a sick tree and need help, the go to source should be your local “tree doctor." Sometimes called arborists and at other times called tree consultants, these are a professional group of people who specialize in the examination, care and preservation of ailing trees and or shrubs. If you're looking to save your tree and not just cut it down, a tree doctor will provide the expertise you need.

Sometimes an extension service (agriculture) can look at the pictures you have or the leaves or needles in your possession and come to some conclusion of what may be wrong with your tree. You can google and perhaps find the cause of your trees sickness. Other sources of help may come from your landscaper, the local garden center, or even a neighbor. The information you retrieve and how you treat your tree may be helpful. However, in more cases than not, passionate tree lovers receive the wrong advice, treat with the wrong products and end up setting your sick tree back further instead of helping it to recover.

A tree care professional, often called a tree doctor, is the right person or persons to call upon when getting correct information about caring for your trees and shrubs. A certified arborist or a master gardener may be a good source to start your search with. Please note, a certified arborist or a master gardener doesn’t mean you’re dealing with a true tree care professional. These certifications mean such people have completed a few hours of lab work and passed a written test. The greater qualifier is calling upon someone who has performed hands on examinations for years. This person most likely has years of experience and is usually more able to identify the problem and offer correct recommendations.

You’ll know more about whether you’re hiring the right “tree doctor” or not by asking them the following questions:

1. Do they come to your location and make an onsite examination? If the answer is no, then move on. There is no true way to examine a tree or shrub ailment without looking both at the plant and it’s surroundings.

2. How many years have they been performing tree exams? If less than 2 you might be better off calling around for other options. Years of past experience will help you the most.

3. Is the company or person insured? When it comes to trees, liability is always a concern.

4. Can we schedule an appointment? A good doctor will insist on it. You want to be there to ask your questions about your tree. You don’t just want them to leave you a piece of paper left at the front door with recommendations.

5. Make sure to ask how soon they can come and the sooner the better. Sick trees are often times like sick people. We’re sick so we need urgent care, not when it’s too late.

6. Does the tree doctor have the expertise, treatment methods, and support team needed to service your tree or trees if needed?

Tree care professionals are usually very passionate people who care about plants as well as our planet. Most tree doctors are honest once completing their exam, expressing as to whether there is reasonable hope for the tree to be treated and recover or if the tree decline is beyond reversal and the tree should be removed.

Tree doctors usually also have the expertise to preform hazardous tree risk assessments and some even have experience in the area of expert witness when and where called upon.

Branch Tree Service, Inc. currently has qualified tree doctors with over 50 years of combined examination and consulting experience.

Would you go to just any doctor? Then why should your trees and shrubs? Want to save a tree? Call the tree doctors at Branch Tree Service for help with your sick tree today!

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