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Mosquitoes: A Seasonal Threat to All of Us

There are numerous types of mosquitoes found all throughout Michigan.  And of them 12 species carry dangerous venom, which can endanger your health. Eastern Equine Encephalitis is but one of the deadly diseases carried by mosquitoes and should cause significant concern for those over 50 and under 15 years old.

A lot of rain during the month of May followed by unseasonable heat and humidity provides the perfect combination for  massive mosquito breeding.  With state models showing higher population growth over last year, we can anticipate higher volumes of mosquito infestations in our communities.

What actions can and should you take?

  1. Cover your entire body as much as possible when outdoors.

  2. Use repellent products to help protect your skin, (be careful to read the labels and use only as instructed).

  3. Reduce breeding areas in your yard, (ex. remove low standing puddles, water in bird baths, clogged gutters, etc.)

  4. Schedule property spray treatments from licensed pesticide professionals.


Don't let the fear of mosquitoes dictate your day when you have the choice to do something about them! Call us today to discuss a treatment plan that is right for you! Request a quote or call us at 586.756.7737 today.


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